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Custom workshops for corporate or private groups

Workshops can include creative expression, combined with yoga and meditation, with a festive atmosphere. You do not need artistic skills to be creative and benefit from the workshops.

“Annette Tello teaches you with compassion and understanding. She knows how to approach a subject and explain it in a way that a layperson can easily understand. Her workshops are fun, safe, and insightful. I have gained some critical insights into my behavior and the triggers I need to work with through her guidance. I have become much kinder to myself and understand myself much more clearly since working with her. She is effective and specific in her insights. I highly recommend her as a teacher and coach.”


Susanne Romo workshop participant 


Be the Boss of Your Fears - workshop to help you overcome what fears are holding you back.

“I want to thank you for an amazing healing art process! I enjoyed your “Be the Boss of your Fears” workshop. While getting in touch with the inner self through drawing and coloring, hidden emotions began to emerge. Naming and interviewing the core feeling led to a deep understanding of what needed to be released. You bring so much healing to others through your loving contribution to this work. You are a rock-star!”

Much love and gratitude,


Connie, workshop participant

My Heart’s Desire- creative workshop to help you connect to your inner voice for guidance and insight.

“I just had the most amazing time at Annette Tello's "Heart's Desire Session"! The evening was not only fun, interesting, but very healing. Annette led us into an intentional meditation focused on our heart's desire. Then we took that inspiration and were guided to express ourselves on canvas by first writing down the words that represented what surfaced in our meditation and then using multiple materials, such as, paints. stencils, and cutouts from magazines. We all created an artistic expression of our "heart's desires". I processed some lingering pain from family relations that had become more distant and filled with distrust. I found this experience so healing and transformational! I also so enjoyed the community of women who shared this evening. Thank you so much Annette!! You really have a gift!!”  


Michelle, workshop participant 

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