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Annette Tello, M.S. is an experienced counselor, cancer survivor specialist, life coach, author, artist, and cancer survivor. Annette is the author of the award-winning book, Creative Prescriptions™ for Women with Cancer. For the last six years, she has specialized in working with cancer patients and survivors.

Annette works with survivors who want to transform their lifestyle to reduce the risk of re-occurrence. She helps you reduce the fear of uncertainty by being proactive in your health. She helps survivors move forward in their lives as a wiser, sexually happy, more emotionally-healthy, and creative version of themselves after cancer.


She works with clients one-on-one to create personalized programs and is now offering a group experience of her signature program Thriving after Surviving and Sexual Reboot program.

Thriving after Surviving Program

This program galvanizes survivors to trust themselves and their dreams, helping them to remove obstacles that keep them from moving forward in their lives. Providing participants with the tools needed for transformation. To help them shift from playing small to expanding their vision of their potential thriving self.


Transformation does not need to be difficult or painful. Annette has made it a fun and creative process and she can help you learn how to do the same.


Are you feeling fearful, stuck, or overwhelmed?

"I can help you shift and move into new avenues of possibility, clarity, and positive growth in your life. I can help you overcome the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from reaching your goals. Contact me if you are a cancer survivor and would like to explore and create a new vibrant heart-centered life for yourself!"


Ask an Expert:

Do you have any questions or would like some support in moving forward in your life now that you are done with treatment? 

What issues are you facing right now? Fear of reoccurrence? Relationship changes? Lack of support?

Concerns about your health, weight, and energy?

Do you need some clarity or help to shift your mindset?

I am here for you!

Are you ready to shift from just surviving to thriving? 


Or if you would like some information about Thriving after Surviving program.

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We will also use the Creative Prescription™ process to help you tap into your inherent ability to be creative, and its potential to heal and enhance the quality of life and health.  When you see your healing as a creative process, you open yourself up to other ways of channeling your pain and suffering, helping to reduce stress and promote healing.

My services may include:

  • The healing benefits of the creative process -- art journaling, intuitive collage, and spontaneous art. I help you focus on the healing process of creating, instead of the finished product. (No previous art experience required)

  • Guided Visualization and Imagination -- I help you see yourself as healthy and vibrant, which is the first step to wellness. Then I guide you to reinforce your aspirations of health, with the use of vision boards and other tools.

  • Heart-centered goal setting -- We set your goals based on how you want to feel (heart) instead of what you want (mind). Heart-centered goals are more effective in motivating you to follow through with your health and wellness plans.

  • Mindset management -- We use techniques from the Creative Prescription® process to help you change old habits of thinking and acting.

  • Mindfulness -- to develop a mindfulness practice to reduce the stress of cancer treatment and enhance well-being.

  • Intuition – tools for increasing self-trust and to tap into your inner knowing to discover the messages and needs of your body for well-being.

Individual Coaching is offered:

  • Over the phone

  • Zoom/ Facetime from anywhere worldwide

  • In-person coaching only in the San Diego area


The intention of health and cancer coaching is not to replace medical treatment or psychotherapy. The purpose of coaching is to support your goals, educate, and enhance your current recovery treatment plan as determined by your medical team.

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Annette Tello is the best medicine I’ve taken in my life! Annette is such an open and warm person, trusting her just comes naturally, and trust is the basic foundation of all healing. She uses a powerful combination of skills, and a deeply felt compassion for her clients to look beyond the surface of your difficulties in order to help you discover your inner wisdom. She gently encourages you to accept yourself the way you are and then teaches you how to change your own life.

I have been to several therapists, self-help workshops, and life management courses over the years and I still struggled with several life issues. After working with Annette for just a few sessions, I am finally able to understand why I’ve struggled and what I can do to live a richer and self-directed life. Now I am able to face and accept the smallest and the greatest of challenges in my life with a positive awareness I’ve never before experienced.

Annette is so genuine; you feel her love and compassion every time you talk with her. I highly recommend her services. She is an angel, a gift from the universe, and I am a better person for having worked with her. --- Cheri

Working with Annette allowed me to open up for the first time, to share my emotional struggles, and to get help with this monster called “cancer.” I was able to share my darkest and scariest fears with Annette because she helps me to feel at ease as I unburdened myself. Annette answered all my questions and made sure I was educated about the various treatments and surgeries. She also helped me to prepare for all the things that come after treatment. I am so informed now; I am stronger and better prepared for the journey ahead of me. Cancer is not so scary when you have someone supporting you and guiding you. I recommend her to anyone going through cancer treatment. I am so grateful for Annette; she has a big heart and a wonderful personality. ---Ann

Annette, thank you for all your help. Your care and concern have made a difference in my life in the last 6 months. Your efforts have inspired me and given me the hope I need to fight my cancer.  I love your spirit and because of your encouragement, I have decided to become more active in making some changes that will help me in my health struggles. Again, thank you for caring! ­­­­--- Rita

Thank you for all the support you gave me during my cancer treatment. I can’t tell you how much this all meant to me! I could not have made it through all of this without you!  I am so thankful there are wonderful people like you. I will never forget how much you have helped me every step of the way, with literally every aspect of my cancer!  --- Kathy

Having Breast cancer has not been easy; however, I find myself becoming more positive with your guidance and support for my well-being.  ---Olivia

Truly when you do what you love for a living, the “love” comes through. Annette, thank you for all that you have done. --- Denise

Annette, you are such a blessing to me. You made the hardest day of my life easier. You’re such an angel sent to me by God.   ---Elena

Annette, thank you for all the support you have shown me during my cancer treatment, it has lifted my spirits. I appreciate your wise and compassionate guidance through one of the most difficult times of my life. You helped me to find clarity through the chaos of cancer treatment. ---Jo

A few words on a card cannot express the gratitude for your support and kindness, you have brought so much joy to my family and me.  ---Mari

Annette, you helped me so much during my journey of recovery. You were always there for me especially emotionally. I pray you will be blessed as you are a blessing to those you help.   ---Emma

I felt overwhelmed and lost, but you were able to steer me in the direction that helped me the most. Every little step makes the future look brighter. Thanks for being an angel!  ---Raya


The intention of health and cancer coaching is not to replace medical treatment or psychotherapy. The purpose of coaching is to support your goals, educate, and enhance your current recovery treatment plan as determined by your medical team.

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