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Counselor, Coach, and Cancer Specialist


San Francisco State University-  

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling

The University of Illinois-  

Bachelor of Psychology, Minor in Art

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach 

  Certified Life and Wellness Coach

         Expressive Art Therapy Certification        

Annette Tello, M.S. is an experienced counselor, cancer survivor specialist, life coach, author, artist, and cancer survivor. Annette is the author of the award-winning book, Creative Prescriptions™ for Women with Cancer. For the last six years, she has specialized in working with cancer patients and survivors.

She helps survivors move forward in their lives as a wiser, sexually happy, more emotionally-healthy, and creative version of themselves after cancer. She works with clients one on one to create personalized programs and is now offering her Thriving after Surviving and Sexual Reboot Program.

Thriving after Surviving Program

This program galvanizes survivors to trust themselves and their dreams and to remove obstacles that keep them from moving forward in their lives.  It provides participants with the tools needed for transformation, to shift from playing small to expand their vision of their potential thriving self.


Transformation does not need to be difficult or painful. I have made it a fun and creative process and I am here to help you learn how to do the same.


Are you feeling fearful, stuck, or overwhelmed?

I can help you shift and move into new avenues of possibility, clarity, and positive growth in your life. I can help you overcome the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from reaching your goals. Contact me if you are a cancer survivor and would like to explore and create a new vibrant heart-centered life for yourself!

The results of the research of coaching cancer survivors, published in The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Dec 2009). In this study, thirty cancer survivors took part in six sessions of coaching over a three-month period. The results showed that: participants had decreased depression and anxiety, better motivation, increased physical activity, and a healthier diet.

Creative Prescriptions™ for Women with Cancer: Tools for Tapping into Your Stress-free, Happy Healing Place.

Are you ready for a new way to navigate your cancer journey?

Creative Prescriptions™ is a unique wellness guide that taps into the fun and healing benefits of creative self-expression. Creativity is the “prescription” you take to reduce stress, uplift your spirits, and gain a sense of control over your own healing.  I developed this process, because creative expression, has been a great healing tool in my own life, and I want to share its benefits with you.

The tools in this guide are designed to help you to tap into your stress-free, happy healing space! As you will learn from the research on creative expression, it is scientifically shown to help reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness, and put your body in the healing relax-and-renew state (the opposite of the flight-or-fight).

“I want people to realize that there is an energetic component to the art-making process that is very healing. And that is the mission of my work: to let everyone know, that the healing benefits of creativity are available and accessible to all. You can do this from the comfort of your own home”

In this guide, you will select from six basic prescriptions, and corresponding activities, to learn how to tap into your inherent ability to be creative, and its potential to help you heal physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Empowering you to bring all aspects of yourself into the healing process. 


The best part is that you don’t have to be good at “art” to benefit from the activities. All you need is to trust your own unique expression, be willing to play, and explore expressing yourself creatively. Through this process, you will become not just a survivor but a thriver.  

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What people are saying about the book:


"Annette does an incredible job of providing women who are healing from cancer a portable art studio and journal so they can tap into the healing that happens when we are creating joyfully. This book is the framework for escaping the fear and stress of cancer through the prescription of creating authentically. How wonderful that women do not need to be good at art or have any art experience in order to add this form of play and expression to their treatment plan. This book is a great resource to promote mind-body-spirit healing and a sense of wholeness and control over the healing process. I highly recommend adding this wonderful method of self-reflection and self-discovery to anyone’s healing game plan!"

Debra Melamed
Director Of Community Outreach

“I love it! This book is a refreshing take on the healing process. New research shows the most influential factor on our health and healing – even more than diet, smoking, or genetics- is our emotional well being. Many of us grew up without the tools to support emotional healing, or feel such progress can only be achieved through long difficult therapy sessions. I love how Annette has created an easy and fun way for people to experience emotional healing. It is a must-have in every woman’s cancer-fighting arsenal!” 


Christine Horner M.D., F.A.C.S., Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Horner’s Program to Protect Against & Fight Breast Cancer


“In this lovely book, Annette Tello provides a "safe space to express and honor your thoughts and feelings".  In our busy, stress-filled world, this oasis of creative time may be just the healing you need.”


Ellen Speert, ATR-BC, REAT

The California Center for Creative Renewal


"This book is full of information, ideas, helpful hints, encouragement, journaling, and other creative prompts. Even if you don't consider yourself a "creative person" there is much to be gained here (including discovering that you actually DO have creativity inside of you). It is easily customized to be whatever you want it to be. The format makes it easy to go through step by step, or to bounce around to do the parts that speak to you in any given moment."

"I can't think of a reason NOT to give this a try. There is science behind why creative expression helps in your mental and physical healing and wellness processes. I got this as a gift from my best friend just before I started chemo and it will be with me through my entire journey (and beyond, I suspect)."

-Kristine R

"Being diagnosed with breast cancer threw me into a crisis, as it does for most people! I pushed the pause button on life as I dealt with the many decisions I needed to make and began the tough but transformative journey of healing. Creative Prescriptions became one of the best tools and resources to help facilitate that process! While a lot was being done to my body, this book became my safe space for profound internal healing--- my creative medicine that helped me with self-care and keeping the best mindset to be the warrior and badass I needed to be to kick Cancer to the curb! Thank you, Annette, for your contribution to my healing!"

-Elizabeth B

"A therapeutic and uplifting resource for women with cancer. The activities are fun, inspiring and help create a positive mindset. A must-have guide for women who are going through this challenging experience."


"Excellent information for anyone who needs healing both physically and mentally. I had several Aha... moments reading this book. Thank You, Annette, for sharing your wisdom and helping others. God bless!"

-Sonia K

Giving Back Corner 

I would like to high this amazing non-profit organization:

Straw Bag
Comfy Chemo Care Bags

Giving Back 1 Bag at a Time

"This project began in February 2017 while I was undergoing chemotherapy. My mission has grown due to the generosity and caring hearts of others. Bags are donated throughout the year to Anne Arundel Medical Center with love and admiration for those facing a cancer diagnosis. Additionally, bags are shipped to fighters around the country. These bags have been provided through fundraising efforts, the generosity of friends, family, various organizations, companies, and compassionate strangers. Shannon’s Comfy Chemo Care Bag Project was created in honor of the fighters, the thrives, and the taken, they will NEVER be forgotten."  

            Founder, Shannon Norris